Digital Projects

Digital Humanities projects

Digital Dostoevsky, a computational text analysis project examining Dostoevsky’s corpus, with Kate Holland, Braxton Boyer, and Lena Vasileva. Sept 2019-present.

The Data-Sitters Club, a comprehensive, colloquial guide to digital humanities computational text analysis, with Lee Skallerup Bessette, Maria Cecire, Quinn Dombrowski, Anouk Lang, and Roopika Risam. Nov 2019-present.

Digital tools

Twine, Forward!, a socialist realist story generator developed for my RUSS 306B class with John Ayliff. February 2016.

Digital media projects

@RodionTweets, a creative Twitter project with Brian Armstrong, Kate Holland, Sarah Hudspith, Kristina McGuirk, Jennifer Wilson, and Sarah Young, part of #CP150. 2016-2018.

Crime and Punishment at 150 (or #CP150), a SSHRC-funded public engagement project and conference co-organized with Kate Holland celebrating 150 years of Dostoevsky’s novel. 2016.

@YakovGolyadkin, a creative Twitter project with Brian Armstrong and Kristina McGuirk. November 2015. | CORE deposit

#TheDoubleEvent, a public outreach project co-organized with Brian Armstrong for the North American Dostoevsky Society. November 2015.

Digital pedagogy projects

Dosto-Wiki, a collaborative student research Wiki on Dostoevsky made by my RUSS 412 students. On-going since spring 2017.

“Twitterature in the Dostoevsky Classroom,” part of Teaching Dostoevsky in the 21st Century, originally a roundtable organized by Daniel Brooks, The Bloggers Karamazov, 24 April 2019.

Imagining St Petersburg: Digital Mapping in the Literature Classroom, a talk I gave for UBC Arts ISIT about using StoryMapJS and other digital mapping tools in my Petersburg class (I’m the first speaker). Sept 2018.

“Crime and Punishment at 150,” a library exhibit, co-curated with Mel Bach, co-written with Mel Bach, Barnabas Kirk, Kristina McGuirk, and students from my 2015 T2 Dostoevsky class. Oct 2016.

European Magic Tales, a collection of my CENS 201-003 students’ original magic tales. Fall 2016.